pregnant-pregnancy-mom-childHere at Source Bodywork we’re huge advocates of the benefits of massage. Seriously we don’t ever stop talking about it (because we get to see how it improves people’s health Every. Single. Day.)

We’re also big fans of research that provides evidence of these benefits that we observe anecdotally with clients.

And in honor of all the mothers out there, today we’re talking specifically about how massage helps expecting mamas be their best, healthiest selves.

1.Plenty of evidence based research shows that massage relaxes the mother. Who, let’s be honest, is doing a damn good job nurturing that baby 24/7, and could use some nurturing herself!

2. Not only does massage relax the mom, it relaxes the baby, too. Research shows that when moms are relaxed, their babies benefit from higher birth weights, fewer obstetric complications, and fewer postpartum complications.

3. Anxiety and depression in pregnant women can also have lasting effects on the mental health of their infant after childbirth. All the more reason to manage stress with a prenatal massage.

4. When partners learn massage, research shows that the health of not only the mom and baby improve, but the health of the RELATIONSHIP of the parents improves. Less stress, more intimacy. This is a no- brainer folks. (We also teach partner massage workshops where we’ll teach you HOW to massage your loved one.)

5. Receiving consistent massage throughout pregnancy also reduces pain levels, particularly getting into the third trimester when the baby grows largest and the going gets tough. The pelvis is constantly shifting to compensate for the growing baby, causing muscles to be taxed in new and uncomfortable ways. Regular massage ensures that those muscles get released, which seriously helps with prenatal issues like low back pain and sciatica.


Gifting a massage to an expecting mom (or ANY mom for that matter) is a thoughtful way of providing nurturing and support to someone you love at a time when they really need it.

So there you have it. These are some pretty compelling reasons for pregnant women to receive regular massage. At Source Bodywork, we’re grateful to do meaningful work with clients we love every day. If someone you love could benefit from a massage, please send them our way!

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